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We make the Lion of Judah Rings in Silver and Gold as well as diamond studded on Gold. The design of this ring is a very close replica of the original which H.I.M Haille Selaisse wore and then was handed over to Bob Marley who wore it till his very last earthly moments. Made either in pure solid gold or silver this ring is a precious family heirloom and a spiritual guide to the values a Rastafari adheres to as well as a solid investment - all rolled into one. Completely hand made it is without the help of machines. Hours of labor put together to make a single piece,sized to match your finger. No two pieces are completely alike. Your or your beloved's name may be inscribed inside at no cost making it an ideal gift for your dear ones for generations to come. Buy one if not for yourself then for your beloveds! Jah Bless !